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Saturday, January 29th, 2005
11:51 pm - The Trinity Get the Hell Out Of Dodge
Sora, Donald, Goofy, and a whole mess of HeartlessCollapse )

current mood: artistic

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
12:24 am - And another from earlier...
...when I didn't mind actual formatting, hhe.

8-5, Donald and Sora Chat. Cute, smooshy 'bout their girlsCollapse )

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
4:22 pm - Tired and Feathered. (Get it? Har.)
Location: Traverse Town (at last!)
Moments of incoherance: 3 (unbelieveable)
Rages: 1 (even I am worrying about me)
Hat ribbons smuggled along: 30 27 (have lost some -- v. upsetting)

Feather update: Combination of cloak and stress has caused early moulting. V. upsetting. Conditioner helping some, but not completely.

Self update: Strain of 'keeping temper' as Daisy requested beginning to show. Have lost three hat ribbons and only had one, solitary fit when no one was looking. Must not lose cool in front of Sora -- not only will he tell Daisy, but will mock because of 30 hat ribbons.

Ribbons update: Have lost second-best green (okay), ninth-best red (not good) and third best blue (V.V. BAD). Suspect they fell out of cloak while sneaking. Will investigate further. Have already heard rumors that Moogles may be attempting to take over world -- perhaps ribbon theft part of some insideous plot. (Ribbons v. important to wizards, after all.)

Trip update: Brought Daisy Liberty to perfect dock -- of course. Am v. best pilot. Have wings, after all. Went with Goofy and Sora to obtain old base of operations, which turned out to be same but with more dust. Went sneaking into town, now looking for Cid's shop. Probably in same place. Cid probably also in same place.

Thought this city never really changes, but discovered v. bad feelings. Possibly from faint cries of 'kupo, kupo' on the wind, possibly from dark shadows. Sora suggested we sneak due to bad feelings -- but when clever duck tried to put proper creepy air to sneaking, was shot down by companion's insistance that they were looking forward to seeing everyone. HAH! Am certain there is someone here I don't like. Only question is whom.

Bad feeling only increases as time passes -- Sora and Goofy feel same way, sure sign that it is important and not just anger at lost ribbons manifesting.

In other news, think cloak makes me look like dashing adventurer. Must make sure to take picture or take cloak home to show Daisy. Think she will be most impressed. Looking less like girly-duck every day.

current mood: stressed

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Thursday, July 10th, 2003
11:22 am - And it's a tall, flying duck into center field... it's going... it's going... it's GOOOOOOONE.....

Moments of incoherance: 22 (v. bad -- referenced barking death squirrels again)
Rages (NOT hissy fits): 1 (excellent, Daisy pleased)
Time until ship is ready: DONE! (EXCELLENT!)

Feather update: Ruffled due to Goofy-hug and jumping up and down. Blast that dog.

Self update: Have packed extra feather conditioner for trip, so feathers should be smooth and managable, even if we end up in humid jungle again. WILL NOT BE FLUFFY. Refuse to be fluffy. Visualizing smooth, managable feathers...

Trip update: Ship v. nice. Named ship 'the Daisy'. Others seem to think name is 'Liberty' -- hah! Sora suggested 'Daisy' was too cute, like fluffy kitten. Think perhaps Sora has gone slightly off -- Daisy no fluffy kitten. Speaking of Daisy, stopped to say goodbye to lovely she-duck. Got yelled at (again), told to keep temper (hah!) and be brave (of course!) and then found face covered in smooch marks.

V., v. good.

When ship was borded, Sora was in captains seat. Would have argued, but was already v. grouchy about hat-ribbon joke and trying to keep temper. Sora activated launch sequence without choosing direction. V., v. bad. Fell out of sky for good minute or two before finally shaking sense into him. Took over captains position (of course). Will be driving again. Not a problem, as pilots position v. classy, impresses lovely she-ducks.

Can see Traverse Town ahead. Am not ashamed to admit, am v. excited. Will continue entry when we have arrived.

current mood: excited

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
5:48 pm - Today is a good day to quack.
New day. Time to take stock:

Moments of incoherance: 4 (good)
Rages (NOT hissy fits): 2 (v., v. good)
Time until ship is ready: soon (could be less vague)

World update: still in trouble. Must be Tuesday. Will soon be setting out to save day, again. Being massive kingdoms-wide hero never gets old. Hkzeheheheh. Unsure if damage to feathers will be worth hero's welcome. Fully expect big old party upon triumphant return. Seriously considering having long, soothing rage (NOT temper tantrum) if party is not in evidence.

Feather update: smooth and unruffled. Have been using herbal conditioner as per Daisy's suggestion. Will admit she's right at quarter to never. Am no girly duck.

Self update: could not find favorite hat ribbon today. Could be omen of bad luck, could also be habit of throwing ribbons willy-nilly when I am v. upset (NOT pitching a fit). Wore second-best ribbon and took long walk. Thought a lot about missing people and such. V. pleased I was alone, as got v. maudlin and sighed and sniffed. V. embarassing.
Ship needs to be built faster. Will go to site and encourage (NOT yell at) Chip and Dale. Yelling never helps. Honestly, chipmunks so sensitive.

current mood: cranky

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